Who-What-When-Where-Why about Bail Bonds in White County, Indiana

How soon can a person be bailed out on a DUI charge?
A person arrested on alcohol and/or drug related charges cannot be released from jail until the individual is determined to be sober and stable.  Most jails refuse to even process a person until they are sober.  This can put the bonding process on hold.

How much does a bondsman cost?
Bail Bondsmen in Indiana charge 10% of the bail amount for a service fee.  If a person's bail amount was $20,000 then the fee for bail would be $2,000.

What is a Surety Bond?
A bail bond through a bail bondsman is called a Surety Bond.

Are cash bonds refundable?
A cash bond, in some cases, can be applied as a credit to any fees or fines ordered by the judge.  What do I need to bring to bail someone out of jail? Valid photo I.D., proof of age, recent paycheck stub, proof of citizenship (soc sec card).

Who is responsible for the bond if the charged person skips a court date?
The co-signer (whoever bailed the person out), is required to pay the entire bond amount plus possible additional fees.