Justice Bail Bonds located in White County, Monticello, Indiana

Justice Bail Bonds is family owned and operated by Wendy Ramsey and Noreen Holmes.  Together they share over 20 years' experience and love working in the industry! This is because Wendy & Noreen grew up in the bail bond business.  Their father, Noel Lyons, was an esteemed businessman with the dream of improving the integrity of the Bail industry.  He became the sole founder of United Surety Underwriters in 1976.  After their dads passing, Wendy & Noreen took over their Father's business.  From there they formed Justice Bail Bonds.  Together as sisters, Wendy & Noreen have continued their dad's tradition of excellence and professionalism in the Bail Bond industry.

Our office is always open, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We are fast and efficient.
We ensure top quality service.  We work meticulously on your case to provide the best possible service when representing you as a Bail Bond Client.  Our company creed begins with our sincere motto:
"TRUST us, we will do you JUSTICE"