White County, Indiana Bail Bond Process

The bail bonding process involves a legal agreement between the bail bondsman and the person posting bail.  The person posting the bail pays a percentage of his/her bond amount for the service the bond agent provides.  This is usually ten percent.  Basically, the bail bondsman makes a promise to the judge that their client will show up for every hearing issued by the court.

Once a person has been arrested, typically a family member, friend, or even themselves will contact a bail bonds agent to arrange posting bail.  Before this can be completed, the defendant or co-signer, must guarantee they will agree to pay the full bail amount if the said person fails to show for any court date.

If the defendant doesn't show up for a court date, this is referred to as "skipping bond".  If this were to happen, the co-signer would be immediately required to pay for the entire bail amount because they hold full responsibility for the bail when they signed for the bond.
If the defendant is located by the bail bondsman, the co-signer is also required to pay for all expenses accrued by the bondsman while he/she was searching for the defendant.